Bryan Ship

Bryan William Ship (1937-2019) was born in Fulham to Charles and Elvis. He was the third of four siblings. Their parents separated when they were young. Bryan gained a place at grammar school. He joined the Royal Navy in 1953, aged 15. His first ship was an aircraft carrier, HMS Centaur. He spent the next 10 years travelling the world. Bryan married Tina in Malta in 1960 and had two children Bryan Junior and Ginny. Bryan gained his pilot’s license and following the Navy, he emigrated to Rhodesia. Due to a lack of adequate health care, Bryan returned to the UK in 2003. He lived in Eastbourne, where he met his soulmate, Pat. He had four grandchildren, Aden, Hannah, Daryn and Micayla. He also had two great grandchildren, Riley and Harper.

Celebrant and tribute contributor: Tasveer Shezma
Tribute to Bryan Ship delivered at a Humanist funeral organised by their family (2019).