Glen Shorey

Glen Shorey (1993-2019) was born in St. Albans to Paul and Ellen. He had two brothers, Adam and Gavin and two sisters, Rachel and Michelle. Glen went to St Michael’s Church of England primary school and Sandringham secondary school. When he was only 16, he did a sky-dive, raising £4,500 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was while he was at secondary school that he started experiencing the early stages of Friedreich’s Ataxia. By the time he was 11 he was using a wheelchair. He never complained about it. He was determined, pragmatic and fearless. He arranged his own accommodation and care and he was a powerful voice for social justice, for disability rights and was a member of the Disability Access Group. He was always fighting for change. Glen was an active member of the Labour Party and passionate about the NHS. He died peacefully, in St. Albans, surrounded by his family.

Celebrant and tribute contributor: Mary Porter
Tribute to Glen Shorey delivered at a Humanist funeral arranged by their family. Includes a digital copy of the funeral's order of service (2019)