Pauline Evans


Pauline Fiona Evans (1959–2018) was born to parents Anne and John. She had four siblings, Steven, Helen, Nicola and David. Family was really important to her and she delighted in being a doting aunty to all her nieces & nephews. She had two children, Carrie and Nick. In 1999, Pauline moved to Spain with the love of her life, Chris. In Spain she ran her own bar and then set up an apartment rental business, which she ran for the rest of her life. She was a wonderful nanny to her four grandchildren, Betsy, Scarlett, James and Leon. Pauline and Chris married in 2018.

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Celebrant and tribute contributor: Steve Parry
Tribute to Pauline Evans delivered at a Humanist funeral arranged by their family. Includes three digital photographs of Pauline (2018)