Colin Frankling

Colin Roland Frankling (1932–2019) was born in Eastbourne, one of the three children of Doris and Frank. He wanted to train in carpentry and become a boat-builder, but his father apprenticed him to an electrician. Not happy with this, Colin secretly travelled to HMS Ganges, and signed on as a boy seaman. He stayed in the Navy for almost a decade. Colin married Pearl in 1961, a union that would last 58 years. Colin was a practical man, who continued with building maintenance work all his life in positions of increasing responsibility; at Relay Vision, the British Syphon Company, Chandlers Builders’ Merchants, Brighton Technical College and finally the Eastbourne branch of Brighton University. Colin and Pearl were enthusiastic folk singers, often travelling to festivals in their camper van. They were regular visitors to New Zealand, where they had close friends.

Celebrant and tribute contributor: Felicity Harvest
Tribute to Colin Frankling delivered at a Humanist funeral arranged by their family. Includes a digital copy of the funeral's order of service (2019)