Rita Lucas

Rita Joyce Lucas (1926 – 2019) was born in Portsmouth to Evalina and James Williams. She had an older brother Norman, and an older sister Marion. At the start of the war, Rita was evacuated to Winchester. When her family relocated to Shinfield near Reading, Rita joined them leaving school at the age of fourteen to work in the War Office. Rita married Harold Lucas in 1950 and set up home in Whitley Wood where her two children Derek and Avril were born. Rita was successful in winning many competitions including winning two seats on the flight in March 1991 to commemorate Concorde’s Maiden Flight. Rita and Harold moved from Reading to Apperley near Tewkesbury and settled into village life. Rita was renowned for her poetry, excellent cake making and hospitality, welcoming family and friends to stay at every opportunity. After Harold died Rita continued to visit the RAF Association Flowerdown House through which she had an opportunity to go to one of the Queen’s Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace. Rita had one grandchild Leo.

Celebrant and tribute contributor: Avril Lucas