Ronald Furley


Ronald Furley (1937 – 2017) was born on 23 October in Nottingham, an only child. He began working in Boots as a Trainee in the Special Labs, making prescriptions, before changing career to become a Jeweller. He specialised in clock and watch repairs and had extensive knowledge of gems. Ronald also served in the army as part of the 3rd Kings Own Hussars. He married his wife Dorothy in 1959 and they had three children, Nett, Mark, and Carl, and four grandchildren. Depositor: Nett Furley (Ronald’s daughter).

Ronald_Furley_first_job Ronald_Furley_hiding Ronald_Furley_middle_age Ronald_Furley_with_daughter_Nett Ronald_Furley_with_his_father,_grandfather_and_two_youngest_children Ronald_Furley_with_son_Carl Ronald_Furley_with_son_Carl Ronald_Furley_with_son_Mark Ronald_Furley_young_adult Ronald_Furley__Trouper_Kings_Own_3rd_Hussars Ronald_Furley__with_Dorothy
Celebrant: Tag Mcentegert.
Tribute to Ronald Furley delivered at a Humanist funeral arranged by their family. Includes digital photographs of Ronald, (2017).