Dr Elizabeth Rosenthal

Elizabeth Eva-Marie Rosenthal (1927 – 2019) was born in Berlin in June 1927 to Henjo and Eleonore. Her father had to leave when she was five. After several months hiding in a basement, she escaped to England in 1939 via the kindertransport scheme and was placed with a family in Oldham. Her mother joined her there two months later. Elizabeth won a scholarship to Oldham Grammar School. She then went to teacher training college and taught art briefly before attending Birkbeck College, where she completed a part-time evening degree in French. She later gained her PhD with a dissertation on women in 16th century France. In 1959, she and Eleonore got their own place and in 1974 moved to a flat in Richmond which was Elizabeth’s home for the rest of her life. All her life she supported international peace groups and was a regular interpreter at an annual international peace conference. She was very well-travelled and a skillful communicator, with many friends worldwide. Elizabeth died on 6th July 2019.

Celebrant: Jim Trimmer