Gladys Chapman

Gladys Flora Gertrude Chapman (1927 – 2019) was born in Birmingham in February 1927. She was one of eight children. She helped out at home from an early age and, after leaving school, worked in a munitions factory. She left to join the army as a cook for the Officer’s Hospital at Harewood House. After the war, Gladys got married to a soldier and had a daughter, Cynthia. As a young mother, she contracted tuberculosis and was sent away to hospital for a year. Gladys was a self-taught artist, dressmaker and organist. She had two grandsons, Sonny and Leo, whom she enjoyed taking on holiday in their caravan. Gladys died on 31st October 2019.

Celebrant: Nicholas Pinegar
Tribute to Gladys Chapman delivered at a humanist funeral in 2019