Yvonne Adams

Yvonne Sandra Ann Adams (1948 – 2019) was born on 27th October 1948 in Henbury, Bristol. It was a time of post-war austerity and many things were still rationed. After leaving school, Yvonne worked for W.D and H.O Wills. After a short courtship she married Stephen and they had three sons, Lee, Darren and Michael. They started their married life in Bristol and then settled in Yate, establishing a very home-centred way of life. Stephen was disabled as a result of childhood polio and died in 2007. Yvonne had returned to full-time work with Parcelforce. She took a keen interest in politics and was an active member of the Liberal Democrats. She also had a life-long love of looking after animals, particularly cats and dogs. Other interests were gardening and reading. However the main focus of her life was always her family. Yvonne was diagnosed with cancer in mid-November and died three weeks later on 8th December 2019.

Celebrant: Trevor Carter
Tribute to Yvonne Adams delivered at a humanist funeral in 2020