Leah Everitt

Leah Everitt (1932 – 2020) was born in Cromer on 14th December 1932 to George and Leah Nash. She was an only child. Leah left Cromer School at fourteen, and trained to become a shorthand typist. She married Philip Everitt, known as Rocky, in 1952. The couple had four children, Sandra, Philip, Mitzi-Jane, and Steven. When the children were young, she worked on a local mushroom farm, cleaned at Cromer High School and worked in many bars and hotels in and around Cromer. Leah was a keen dancer and roller-skater. In the summer, her life centred around her beach hut in Cromer. In later years, Leah explored her gift for writing. She had eleven grandchildren, and many great grandchildren. Leah died on 20 February 2020.

Celebrant: Rachel Narkiewicz