Sylvia May Hutchins

Sylvia was born on 5th April 1924 in Portland, Dorset and grew up there then the family moved to north London where her father ran a haulage business. She met Bert Hutchins when her mother was childminding his daughter Silvie and in the mid 1950’s they moved to Benfleet where Bert was a carpenter and Mike and Jenny were born. Bert built the family home in Homefields Avenue where Sylvie lived for mare than 60 years until March 2020. Her mother and father moved in next door and then her sister Dora and husband Tom. Sylvia was a keen cricket supporter and loved Wimbledon. She enjoyed paintings, the theatre and cinema, loved listening to music and was an avid reader. She enjoyed wildlife and gardening and had a good eye for photography. Sylvie was always interested in and supportive of her children and then her grandchildren Robert, Hazel and Mark and her great granddaughter Millie. From March 2020 Sylvia lived happily at Hargrave House Care Home in Stansted where she made new friends and was able to keep in touch with her family through garden visits and FaceTime during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sylvia died on 24th October 2020.

Celebrant: Lynne Harrison