Ella Booker

Ella Booker (1983 – 2021) was born Helen Demeter Imogen Booker on 17th February 1983 to Julia and Alex. She grew up in Clapham, London, in a very creative community.  In 2000 Ella took part in the Millennium Challenge, climbing Mount Snowdon and walking to Land’s End.  Ella was a regular visitor to Jersey where some of her family lived, and where she got to know her half-sisters, Frøya and Alexandra.  Ella’s first degree was at the University of the Creative Arts in Rochester where she achieved a BA in jewellery design. She then did teacher training and taught design and technology before completing a Masters in Conservation. She worked for Canterbury Cathedral and for private clients. She was a talented potter and sold her art online. Tom was Ella’s partner for seven and a half years and they were due to marry in 2022. Ella died on 6th March 2021.

Celebrant: Felicity Harvest