Audrey Emily Laura Hawkes

Audrey Emily Laura Hawkes (1928 – 2021) was born on 27th January 1928.  After starting work at The Dorchester Hotel in London at the age of fourteen, two years later Audrey was appointed to run the Accounts department that calculated and issued guests’ bills.  In later years Audrey worked for ten years as a receptionist and dispenser at the GP surgery in Hadlow.  Married to Fred, Audrey had three children, Catherine, Emma and Nick.  For many years they lived at Leigh Court in Golden Green, Tonbridge.  Audrey became involved in community projects helping local people and refugees and worked as a volunteer in local charity shops including Tonbridge Hospice.  Audrey started the Hadlow branch of the Women’s Institute (WI) and became Treasurer.  Audrey sang in several choirs, played the piano and was a competent calligrapher.  Audrey was a good cook and cake baker and a keen gardener and had a menagerie of animals.

Celebrant: Felicity Harvest