Robin Neil Hannay

Robin Neil Hannay (1933 – 2021) as a child lived in Derby with his sisters Pam and Wizz.  He went to Bemrose Grammar School.  Robin left home to start a student engineering apprenticeship at Guy Motors, Wolverhampton.  In August 1960 Robin married Jean.  Their first house was in Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, before they moved to Wheaton Aston.  Following a promotion with AEC, Robin and Jean moved to Cheshire in 1968.  From his childhood, Robin had been fascinated by buses and this became a lifelong hobby.  He travelled around the UK collecting bus chassis numbers, books, magazines, models and taking photographs.  Robin was a member of the Omnibus Society, the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Circle, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society and the Model Bus Federation from its inception.  He attended the Autumn Commercial Motor Show for sixty years.  Robin published four books on the history of AEC, Dennis and Guy Motors.  Robin and Jean had two children, Mike and Claire and three grandchildren.

Celebrant: Ian Willox