Arthur Wilmot Uloth

Arthur Wilmot Uloth (1931 – 2022) was born in King’s Lynn, Norfolk on 19th December 1931. Educated initially at boarding schools in Kent, Sussex and Wales, Arthur finished his schooling at Westminster School in London. At the age of sixteen, Arthur became an Anarchist and found work with the Freedom Press, editing and writing articles. After corresponding with Alma, a Czechoslovakian, in 1972 Arthur married Alma. When Joan was born in 1976, Arthur became the parent who left work to look after their daughter. Alongside anarchism, Arthur was a Pacifist and with others from the Freedom Press Group and the London Anarchist Group, he was a founder member of the Malatesta Club. Arthur was a member of the Progressive League and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and Committee of 100, attending the Aldermaston Marches. He taught English as a foreign language and gained a degree with the Open University, as a mature student.

Celebrant: Peter Allison